2018 Overseas Food Exhibition

2018 Overseas Food Exhibition

IPACK-IMA 2018, Italy

             IPACK-IMA is an important processing and packaging technology echibition in the packaging industry, food processing industry and logistics material transportation worldwide. It has a comprehensive display of food and non food processing and the packaging technologies, involving the whole packaging process from processing, packaging to material processing and storage. It demonstrates the leading edge technologies and solutions in the food anf non food industries.

Propak Vietnam 2018 Food, Drink, Pharma

              In March, the fisheries exhibition was shown independently by the Vietnam office. The exhibition customers were mainly the related food processing enterprises in the area. After the exhibition, we sent the machine to the customer's factory(PK). The customer was quite satisfied with the effect.

Bangkok propak Asia 2018, Thailand

              In 2018 Propak Asia exhibition, the agents fully cooperated with us and showed almost all the machine models. Though our vivid ddemonstration and the LED screen advertising, and the enthusiastic explanation and reception of the on-site sales staff, we have attracted a large number of interested customers to stop and inquire, the exhibition results are satisfactory.