Empowering High-Quality Development in the Peanut Industry: Techik Unveils Game-Changing Innovations at the Peanut Tradi

July 21, 2023
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From July 7th to 9th, the grand opening of the 2023 Peanut Trading Expo took place at the Qingdao International Expo Center in Shandong. Techik (Booth A8) and its professional team showcased a range of new products, including the ultra-high-definition intelligent crawler-type visual sorter and intelligent X-ray foreign object detection machine (X-ray machine). Join us as we explore the path towards high-quality development in the peanut industry!


The inauguration of the Peanut Trading Expo witnessed an enthusiastic crowd, as attendees flocked to witness the latest advancements in the peanut industry. Among the exhibitors, the booth of Techik at A8 attracted considerable attention from industry professionals eager to gather insights and expertise.


Shandong Province, renowned as a crucial peanut production region, boasts a thriving community of peanut oil factories, peanut processing plants, and import-export enterprises. It leads China in key indicators such as peanut cultivation area, yield per unit, total production, and export volume.


To enhance productivity and maximize efficiency, an increasing number of peanut processing enterprises are embracing novel approaches like "machine replacement" and establishing zero-labor production lines. Techik engaged in profound exchanges with industry experts, showcasing their intelligent unmanned sorting solutions.


At the heart of the Techik booth, the star attractions were their groundbreaking products. Intelligent visual color sorter offers features such as AI-powered precision selection, exceptional purification rate, and high output. It efficiently replaces manual inspection for removing foreign impurities, short sprouts, mildew, and complex defects. Accompanying this breakthrough technology was the dual-energy intelligent X-ray inspection machine. Equipped with dual-mode high-speed, high-definition TDI detectors, it swiftly rejects foreign substances and substandard items that may infiltrate the peanut production line.


For various peanut varieties including peanut kernels/shells, raw/roasted, and fried/roasted peanuts, Techik provides personalized sorting solutions and addresses common issues prevalent in the peanut industry, including frozen grains, bread crumbs, sprouts, mildew, rusty rice, diseased spots, and air-filled kernels.


Welcome to visit Techik. Discover how our intelligent sorting solutions can revolutionize the peanut processing landscape, and fuel progress and growth in the industry.








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