What is coffee beans colour sorting?

February 05, 2024
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In the world of coffee, discerning the quality of beans is paramount. From their appearance to their roasting process, each step influences the final brew. Let's delve into the common flaws found in both raw and roasted coffee beans, shedding light on the meticulous process of quality control.


Raw Coffee Beans: Unveiling Common Defects


Raw coffee beans, the foundation of every brew, hold key indicators of quality and taste. However, not all beans make the cut. Here are some common flaws found in raw coffee beans:


colour and Shape Variations: Premium raw coffee beans exhibit a light green hue with a glossy finish. Conversely, defective beans, such as those affected by mold, over-fermentation, shell remnants, or pest infestation, manifest in shades of gray, black, or brown, accompanied by irregular shapes.


Foreign Particles: During the processing stages of coffee cherries into raw beans, foreign particles like stones, fruit skins, and dust may infiltrate the batch, compromising its quality.


Roasted Coffee Beans: Unveiling Further Imperfections


Roasting transforms raw beans into the aromatic brew we savor. However, even in the roasted state, beans can harbor flaws:


Quakers: While premium roasted coffee beans boast a rich brown hue, flawed beans may include quakers, which, post-roasting, appear pale white, discernible through colour differentiation.


Roasting Imperfections: Factors like prolonged roasting times or excessive temperatures can lead to burnt or charred beans, diminishing the quality of the brew.


To address the sorting needs of coffee beans, companies like Techik offer tailored solutions, including chute-type colour sorters and belt-type visual sorters, empowering processing enterprises to establish efficient, high-quality sorting lines.


For coffee roasting studios, cafes, and small-scale processing enterprises, versatile automated small-scale colour sorters offer cost-effective solutions. Techik's chute-type mini colour sorter, designed for small-scale enterprises, boasts high-resolution imaging, shape recognition, and high throughput.


High-resolution imaging capabilities enable the identification of subtle colour differences among coffee beans, ensuring precise sorting based on colour variations. Shape recognition algorithms further distinguish between defective beans and foreign particles, enhancing sorting accuracy.


In conclusion, ensuring the quality and safety of coffee products is paramount at every stage of production, from bean selection to packaging. With advanced inspection solutions, coffee processing enterprises can guarantee premium products for discerning consumers.


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