How to detect and sort out impurity from nuts effectively?

April 07, 2023
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Since its establishment in 2008, Techik has focused on spectral online detection technology and product research and development. With more than ten years of experience in the application of multi-spectral, multi-energy spectrum, and multi-sensor technology, Techik’s sorting equipment can be used for processing enterprises industries including peanuts, walnuts, almonds, etc, providing detection and sorting equipment and solutions from primary processing to intensive processing, as well as reliable support for the entire life cycle of the equipment.

In the process from the field to the dining table, Techik detection and sorting of nuts and seeds can cover the whole manufacturing process, which mainly includes the detection and sorting of raw materials in the primary processing, as well as the processing detection and finished product detection in the intensive processing.


Detection and sorting of the primary processing section of nut and seed kernel

For the detection and sorting needs of the primary processing of nuts and seeds, Techik can solve the problem of raw materials through the combination of intelligent chute-type color sorter, double-layer belt-type intelligent visual sorter, intelligent high-definition combo X-ray visual inspection machine. Various detection and sorting problems such as internal and external defects, foreign matter impurities, product grades, etc., help customers build unmanned intelligent sorting production lines.

Inspection of nuts and seeds deep processing section

In the processing section, the raw materials are processed by the production equipment and present in various forms such as powder, granule, liquid, semi-fluid, solid, etc. For different material forms, Techik can provide gravity-fall metal detectors and metal detectors for sauce and other detection equipment and personalized solutions to meet the online detection needs of enterprises.


If you would like to have a close look at the detection performance of Techik equipment, please come to the 16th China Roasted Nuts Exhibition during April 20-22, in 2023 Hefei Binhu International Convention and Exhibition Center 2023. Techik will be located at Hall 8, 8T12!

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