Techik is specialized in manufacturing metal detectors, check weighers , X-ray inspection system and color sorter. Till now, Techik has more than 25 branches in China and more than 50 partners in the oversea market. In addition to local supporters, detailed user manual and operation video, timely online support, remote parameter setting and debugging, as well as regular clients training are offered for Techik clients whenever problems are confronted with. 

Techik Service:

1. 24-7 online service

2. Fast delivery: 17 working days after production

3. Strict internal QC to ensure quality

4. High cost-effective

5. Complete machine operation training

Drop out Rejecter of Food Detector for Metal and Food X-ray Inspection

Techik metal detector is widely used for metal contaminants detection including ferrous metal (Fe), non-ferrous metals (Copper, Aluminum etc.) and stainless steel.  Either packaged or non-packaged food, metal detector can detect and reject metal contaminants effectively.

Techik X-ray Inspection System takes advantage of the penetrating power of X-ray to detect contamination including metallic, non-metallic contaminants such as glass, ceramic, stone, bone, hard rubber, hard plastic, etc. Techik X-ray Inspection System can be used for inspection of metallic, non-metallic packaging and canned products. 

Rejecter Series

  1. 1. Flipper Type

  2. 2. Air Jet Type

3. Push Type

4. Pneumatic Retracting Band Type

5. Heavy Push Rejecter

6. Drop Out Rejecter

7. Flap Rejecter

Color Sorter Platform

The Optic Sorting System is a device for automatically sorting out the defective material by using the optoelectronic detecting technology according to the difference of the optical characteristics of the materials.


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