Techik at SIAL Food Exhibition: Revolutionizing Food and Beverage Quality with Intelligent Inspection Technology

May 23, 2023
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Shanghai, China - The grand opening of the SIAL China International Food Exhibition at the esteemed Shanghai New International Expo Center from May 18th to 20th, 2023, witnessed an extraordinary display of innovation by Techik. Positioned at booth N3-A019, Techik captivated industry professionals and visitors with our state-of-the-art intelligent inspection technologies, igniting a new wave of excitement in the food and beverage sector.


As a beacon of cutting-edge progress, SIAL Food Exhibition provided a platform for Techik to unveil our groundbreaking range of intelligent inspection solutions. With a remarkable showcase that included the remarkable X-ray inspection system, the precision-driven metal detection machine, and the futuristic checkweigher, Techik triggered captivating conversations about the future of intelligent inspection and its profound impact on the industry.


SIAL Food Exhibition is celebrated for its unrivaled ability to reveal the finest products from both international and domestic markets, creating an unparalleled opportunity for attendees to explore the upcoming trends within the food and beverage industry. Housing 12 thematic exhibition halls and attracting over 4500 pioneering companies, SIAL fosters an environment of dynamic exchange, where visions are shared and innovative networks are formed.


At this momentous event, Techik proudly showcased our extensive range of detection equipment and solutions, meticulously tailored to address each critical stage of food and beverage production. From the meticulous acceptance of raw materials to real-time inspections during processing and packaging, Techik's solutions effortlessly captured the imaginations of visitors. The astounding versatility of our metal detection machines and checkweighers became the talk of the exhibition floor. Moreover, the dual-energy + intelligent X-ray machine astounded industry professionals with its unparalleled precision and remarkable clarity in detecting even the slightest low-density or thin-sheet foreign objects.


Techik's unwavering commitment to meeting the distinctive needs of the food and beverage industry manifested in our personalized and comprehensive detection solutions. Irrespective of the product category, be it seasonings, ready-to-eat meals, plant-based protein beverages, hot pot ingredients, or delectable baked goods, Techik effortlessly addressed the most pressing challenges encountered by the industry. The presence of our expert team at the exhibition facilitated insightful conversations on the latest food testing technologies and effective strategies for elevating product quality.


The unveiling of Techik's showcase equipment, including the awe-inspiring dual-energy + intelligent X-ray inspection machine, the cutting-edge metal detection machine, and the highly efficient checkweigher, garnered significant attention. These marvels of technology seamlessly accommodated various packaging formats while delivering unmatched detection performance, unwavering product adaptability, intuitive parameter settings, and simplified maintenance procedures. With Techik's equipment at our disposal, food and beverage companies can now soar to new heights, ensuring uncompromised standards of quality and safety.


Recognizing the intricate nature of the food and beverage supply chain, Techik presented a diverse range of equipment solutions, impeccably addressing the multifaceted detection requirements of the industry. Drawing on a sophisticated matrix of equipment, including metal detection machines, checkweighers, intelligent X-ray inspection systems, intelligent vision inspection machines, and intelligent color sorting machines, Techik seamlessly provided customers with comprehensive one-stop detection solutions spanning from raw material inspection to the analysis of finished products. Empowered by this holistic approach, food and beverage companies confidently tackle challenges such as foreign objects, product discoloration, irregular shapes, weight deviations, inadequate packaging seals, discrepancies in beverage liquid levels, product deformities, coding flaws, packaging defects, and diverse personalized detection needs.


Techik's participation in the SIAL China International Food Exhibition was nothing short of remarkable. Our advanced intelligent inspection technologies and comprehensive solutions reaffirmed our position as a trailblazer in the industry. By empowering the establishment of more efficient and automated production lines, Techik continues to spearhead the pursuit of excellence in food and beverage quality.


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