Whole Chain Solution for Quality Assurance in the Food and Agricultural Processing Industry

October 20, 2023
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In the food and agricultural processing industry, meeting the demands for end-to-end quality assurance has become increasingly crucial. Techik offers an all-encompassing solution that leverages modern technology to provide real-time online inspection and quality control at every stage, from raw material procurement to finished product manufacturing. The goal of this comprehensive solution is to drive the development of an automated quality control system throughout the entire process, aiding businesses in enhancing the efficiency, automation, and intelligence of their production lines, thereby increasing their product competitiveness and customer satisfaction.


Techik’s one-stop solution is based on multispectral, multi-energy spectrum, and multi-sensor technologies and caters to three primary application scenarios:


Inspection and Sorting Solutions: First and foremost, Techik provides intelligent, unmanned solutions for the sorting of foreign objects, off-color items, irregular shapes, and product quality, particularly during the initial processing stages of crops, poultry, meat, and aquatic products, such as peanuts, pork, and fish. This enhances product quality, reduces human intervention, and ensures compliance with the highest standards.


In-Process Inspection Scenarios: Secondly, we focus on inspection during food processing processes, including frying, baking, cooking, milling, and more. Techik provides tailored online inspection solutions to reduce manual intervention and enhance product quality. This ensures consistency and high standards in product manufacturing.


Finished Product Inspection Scenarios: Lastly, Techik offers high-precision, automated solutions for inspecting finished products in various packaging types such as bags, cans, drums, and bottles. Inspections are tailored to packaging types and product categories, ensuring the integrity and quality of the end products.


Techik leverages equipment such as color sorters, visual inspection machines, X-ray foreign object detection machines, and more to support agricultural and food enterprises in addressing end-to-end inspection challenges, from the fields to the dining table. Our solutions enable high-speed online inspection of product attributes such as color, shape, appearance, and various quality aspects to ensure product compliance with the highest standards.


In summary, Techik’s solutions are designed to meet the end-to-end quality assurance needs of the food and agricultural processing industry. We aim to enhance production efficiency, ensure product quality, and satisfy the ever-growing market demands. Our commitment to innovative technology and intelligent solutions provides businesses with a sustainable competitive advantage.


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