Peas Color Sorter macnine manufactres

Peas Color Sorter macnine manufactres

Pea color sorter. It combines powerful processing flow and simple operation instructions to complete the task. The raw material enters the machine from the top, and slides into the observation area of the sorting room along the trough through the sensor and the background plate. The pusher works to remove the discolored particles, and the good material falls into the finished product area. Pea color sorting machinery supplier, giving you professional service and excellent quality

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      Focus on the production of Pea color sorter and provide high-quality products.
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    We have a professional after-sales service team, one-to-one customer service to help customers with installation and maintenance.
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    Techik has service partners and cooperative distributors in more than 50 countries. When Techik customers encounter problems, they professionally provide detailed user manuals and operation videos, timely online support, remote parameter setting and debugging, and regular customer training.
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    Quality assurance of raw materials of Pea color sorter: Our purchases are all certified high-quality products.

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    Pea color sorter supplier quality process assurance: through the ISO quality management system, every process of production is under strict standards.
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    System test: Our technical engineers check the product performance to ensure that the factory products fully meet customer requirements
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    Delivery guarantee: We have a professional packaging operation team and independent export qualifications to ensure that the products are delivered to customers safely and stably.
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