Corn Color Sorter

Corn Color Sorter sometimes called optical sorters, digital color sorter.

The corn color sorter sorts according to the abnormal color difference of corn. High-resolution optical sensors drive mechanical sorting to automatically sort out heterochromatic particles. The most efficient process on production lines in food processing and other industries

Corn Color Sorter
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About our product Work Principle

Feed the material on top of the color sorter. The inside of the hopper-fed into the color sorter flows downward from the channel, and the low-quality grains are fed back to the system from a channel, and the decolorized grains are re-sorted by the color sorter to reduce product waste. Good pellets flow through another channel, the machine is programmed for product quality changes, and an integrated computer program warns the machine of possible failures and errors during operation.

Corn seed utilizes compressed air jets in the sorter to identify and discard particles that do not conform to the machine's programmed color profile. Works automatically and is very reliable. The color sorter separates the decolorized ones from the ones that have been pre-cleaned. The quality of the screened products increased to %99,8. Techik is manufactured using the latest technology available in the industry. Corn color sorter, cashew color sorter, sunflower color sorter, coffee color sorter, plastic color sorter, almond color sorter, rice color sorter