X-ray Inspection System for Food Industry

X-ray Inspection System for Food Industry

Unlike conventional metal detection techniques, Techik Food X-ray Inspection System transcends boundaries by not only identifying metal contaminants but also detecting non-metal impurities with unparalleled precision. This system is meticulously designed to guarantee the highest product quality, setting an entirely new industry standard. 

Techik Food X-ray Inspection System is engineered to selectively reject the identified contaminants or flawed products without disrupting the overall production flow. Its remarkable capabilities in detecting a wide array of potential hazards make it an indispensable tool for industries where consumable purity and quality are paramount, such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, and more.

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Introduction of Techik Food X-ray Inspection System

Introducing the Techik Food X-ray Inspection System – a paradigm-shifting advancement in food safety and quality assurance. In response to the evolving challenges of ensuring consumable purity, Techik presents an innovative solution that goes beyond conventional metal detection methods. With the ability to identify non-metal contaminants and the assurance of optimal product quality, the Techik Food X-ray Inspection System sets a new standard in the food processing industry.

Features of Techik Food X-ray Inspection System

The Techik Food X-ray Inspection System is replete with remarkable features that underscore its exceptional capabilities:


Non-Metal Contaminant Detection: Beyond metal, this system adeptly identifies non-metal contaminants, enhancing consumer safety by eliminating a broader range of potential hazards.


Density-based Differentiation: Utilizing X-ray technology, the system captures images wherein materials with varying densities display distinct colors. This enables the system to discern contaminants from the product matrix with exceptional precision.


Versatile Application: Techik's commitment to innovation has led to specialized X-ray inspection systems tailored for various sectors within the food industry. These systems address the unique challenges of each sector, from canned goods to meat and aquatic products.


Multi-Spectral Analysis: By integrating multi-spectral analysis, the system achieves heightened sensitivity, detecting contaminants of varying compositions and sizes.


Multi-Energy Spectrum Detection: The incorporation of multi-energy spectrum detection enhances the system's ability to penetrate different materials, ensuring thorough inspection without compromising product quality.


Multi-Sensor Integration: Through the integration of multiple sensors, the system maximizes accuracy by cross-referencing data from various sources, minimizing false positives and negatives.

Function of Techik Food X-ray Inspection System

The Food X-ray Inspection System by Techik is a formidable solution that can comprehensively inspect and selectively reject various types of contaminants, ensuring the utmost purity and safety of your products. This advanced system is capable of:


Metal Contaminants: The system can accurately detect and reject even minute metal fragments that might have inadvertently found their way into your products during processing or packaging.


Non-Metal Contaminants: Unlike conventional metal detectors, the Food X-ray Inspection System possesses the ability to identify non-metal contaminants, such as glass, plastic, stones, rubber, bone fragments, and even some types of ceramics, which are often harder to detect but equally hazardous if consumed.


Missing or Misshapen Products: The system can identify missing or misshapen products, ensuring that only items meeting the desired specifications move forward in the production line.


Product Integrity and Packaging Defects: This system can also check for defects in packaging, ensuring that the products are sealed and presented appropriately.


Foreign Objects: It can uncover foreign objects that may have entered the production line, safeguarding both consumer safety and product integrity.

Application of Techik Food X-ray Inspection System

The Techik Food X-ray Inspection System revolutionizes food safety and quality control across a spectrum of industries:


Beverage and Canning Industry: Detects glass and metal foreign objects around the bottom and neck of cans, jars, and bottles, safeguarding both consumers and production equipment.


Meat Processing: Identifies broken needles and bones in meat products, ensuring the integrity and safety of packaged meat.


Aquatic Products: Detects fish bones in aquatic products, mitigating choking hazards and enhancing consumer confidence.


Frozen Foods: Detects thin sheet foreign bodies in frozen vegetables, preventing potential harm and maintaining product quality.


Packaged Snacks: Inspects packaging integrity and stuffing within packaged snack foods, guaranteeing consumer satisfaction and safety.

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