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Standard X-Ray Inspection System for Meat Can | Techik
Standard X-Ray Inspection System for Meat Can | Techik
Food X-ray Inspection Equipment takes advantage of the penetrating power of X-ray to detect contamination. It can achieve a full range of contaminants inspections including metallic, and non-metallic contaminants (glass, ceramic, stone, bone, hard rubber, hard plastic, etc.). It can inspect metallic, non-metallic packaging, and canned products, and the inspection result will not be affected by temperature, humidity, salt content, etc. Recommended use of X-ray inspection systems for Can Food1. Not only metal contaminants, but other non-metals such as stones, ceramic, glass, and hard bones as well.2. Shielding Function especially Can shielding and Boundary shielding for can food3. Accurate and fast rejector system for can food 

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