fruit sorter at Wholesale Prices | Techik Instrument (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

fruit sorter at Wholesale Prices | Techik Instrument (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

When it comes to Techik Instrument (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. production, a combination of traditional and innovative processing techniques are employed. Techniques such as honing, cutting, and welding play an essential role in creating impeccable Techik Instrument (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. products.

Lax sealing and material stuffing are the first of several stubborn issues in the processing of snack foods, causing "leak oil", flowing into the subsequent production line, polluting the product and causing short-term food deterioration. 

Shanghai Techik launched the intelligent X-ray Inspection System, and could solve the unresolved problems of material clamping and oil leakage in aluminum foil packaging, plastic packaging, small bags, medium bags, vacuum packaging and etc.


1. Contaminants Detection

2. Oil Leakage and Stuffing Detection

3. Online Weighing

4. Visual Inspection

5. Flexible Solution

6. TIMA Platform

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    Main Advantages
    Intelligent Sealing,Stuffing, Leakage X-ray Inspection System

    Contaminants Detection

    All-round detection of small metal, non-metal foreign bodies and pollutants in the package. For example: metal, glass, stones and other malignant impurities; plastic flakes, mud, cable ties and other low-density pollutants.

    Oil Leakage and Stuffing Detection

    Using high-speed high-definition TDI technology detector, the exposure effect is 8 times that of traditional detectors, which can detect and accurately reject the sealing quality of oil and bulk packaging. For example: oil leakage sealing, sealing with material pinched in bag mouth, oily juice contamination, etc.

    Online Weighing

    At the same time of quality inspection, high-speed and high-precision weight compliance inspection and precise rejection can be realized, and the inspection accuracy can be as high as ±2%. Overweight, underweight, empty bag, etc.can be inspected.

    Visual Inspection

    Built-in Techik's independent research and development of the visual inspection system of Supercomputing, which can conduct quality compliance inspections on the appearance of product packaging. For example: wrinkles at the seal, skewed press edges, dirty oil stains, etc.

    Flexible Solution

    Exclusive and complete solutions can be customized according to customer needs. For example, according to the size of large, medium and small bags, you can choose the corresponding detection plan, and you can also choose the air blowing or flap rejection method.

    TIMA Platform

    It is another masterpiece based on the Techik TIMA platform, adhering to the production concept of food detection equipment. It integrates R&D concepts such as high precision, low energy consumption, low radiation, modular hardware, intelligent algorithms, scientific and technological appearance architecture, and high hygiene level.

    Intelligent Sealing,Stuffing, Leakage X-ray Inspection System

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