Techik helps to create a high-quality garlic production line

September 30, 2022
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For the garlic industry, the problems of extensive processing and high malignant impurity rate are more likely to result in high quality garlic with low price, which absolutely reduces the international competitiveness.

In addition to organic, inorganic impurities such as roots, garlic stems, soil, sand, stone, defective garlic (such as insect erosion garlic, mildewed garlic) is also the key factors that affect product classification, pricing and acceptance.

With more than ten years of deep experience in the application field of multi-spectrum, multi-energy spectrum and multi-sensor technology, Techik integrates technologies of AI vision, X-ray and infrared, and can realize efficient online real-time detection of garlic through automatic and intelligent detection and sorting equipment, and help the quality improvement and trade development of the garlic industry.

Targeting to garlic foreign objects and defect inspection, Techik bulk food X-ray inspection machine, via the combination of the high-definition X-ray imaging and AI intelligent algorithm, not only can effectively detect conventional contaminants such as metal, stones and glass, but also can detect organic impurities and defects such as garlic pole, stick, insect bites, damage and heteromorphism.

In addition to the X-ray inspection of garlic slices, Techik can also customize detection and sorting solutions according to the different needs of garlic processing enterprises.

Combo X-Ray And Visual Inspection System

Techik combo X-ray and visual inspection system, equipped with X-ray, visible light, infrared multi-spectrum and AI intelligent algorithm, can detect foreign bodies, heterochromatic and heteroorphic. Take garlic slices as an example. It can detect red pieces, black trace pieces, burnt yellow pieces, broken pieces, leaves, paper pieces, stones, glass, metal and unqualified products.

Belt Type Intelligent Visual Color Sorter

Techik belt type intelligent visual color sorter can be applied for color and shape sorting of garlic granules and garlic slices. Take garlic granules as an example.  It can pick unpeeled garlic cloves, defects, germination, mildew, insect erosion, stones, plastic, glass, metal and other foreign body impurities and defects.

Metal Detector

Techik metal detector can be used in garlic powder, garlic granules, garlic slices and other bulk materials and packaging products, to detect iron, copper, stainless steel and other metal foreign bodies.

From garlic granules, garlic slices, garlic powder and garlic paste, to allicin, garlic oil and suine, from garlic preliminary processing to deep processing products, Techik can provide corresponding and customized inspection and sorting machines for foreign body, appearance, weight and other aspects of the detection needs.

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