Techik X-ray Inspection System Safeguards Packaged and Canned Food Safety

September 06, 2022

With the improvement of packaging safety awareness, more and more food, drug and chemical production enterprises pay more attention to the product safety, economic benefits, production efficiency and brand reputation impact brought by packaging than in the past. Thus, various detection equipment such as X-ray foreign body detection, metal detection, weight detection and other technologies, are adopted by these enterprises to meet the compliance requirements of packaging products.

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On August 26, ProPak China, together with Food Processing and Packaging Online and Techik Instrument Co., Ltd., brought a live online broadcast with the theme of "New solutions and new technologies for online packaging product quality and foreign body detection".


Techik Instrument Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Techik), founded in 2008, is a high-tech enterprise focusing on spectral online detection technology and product research and development, with products covering security safety, foreign body detection, material classification and sorting.


Standard X-ray Inspection System

Small and medium-sized packaging and no packaging products testing. Metal or non-metal foreign bodies, missing, weighing and other comprehensive detection in the product. The unique image analysis technology divides the foreign body and the product layer by layer, so as to achieve the accurate and efficient detection of the foreign body effect, with strong versatility, and a wide range of application.


X-ray Inspection for Residue Bone

Residual bone detection technology has higher sensitivity and detection rate than traditional single-energy detection. Residual fragments in meat processing can be detected, such as residual bone fragments in chicken processing.


X-ray Inspection System for Canned and Bottled Food

Foreign body detection for canned, bottled and other containers. Equipped with the independently developed AI intelligent algorithm, it has an excellent detection effect on the irregular bottle body, the bottom of the bottle, the screw mouth, the canned iron ring, and the pressure side.

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