Techik metal detector and X-ray inspection system won deep recognition in dairy and cheese industry

October 14, 2022

metal detector and X-ray inspection system common sense for cheese makers and dairy companies that supermarkets have very strict quality requirements for their suppliers' products. To ensure food safety and consumer rights protection, all food manufacturers including cheese and other dairy manufacturers, must conduct an HACCP analysis in accordance with laws, regulations and supermarket standards. 

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Pollutant detection equipment is an important part of the successful HACCP analysis. The purity and quality of dairy products are also closely related to the corporate brand and image; while undetected pollutants could pose a health threat to consumers. Techik metal detectors and food X-ray inspection system own rich experience in detecting and rejecting foreign bodies in dairy and cheese related products. In spite that it is difficult for traditional metal detection machines to detect foreign bodies for dairy and cheese related products which have strong product effects, Techik detection solutions can not only detect the foreign matters, but also can conduct the product quality inspection.

What pollutant can usually be found in dairy and cheese related products? Pollutants may come from machine wearing, product also produced in the same production line, staff belongings.




Techik metal detector and X-ray inspection system, which fully comply with the special hygiene requirements and relevant review standards of the food industry, can effectively detect and reject pollutants in liquid and solid products to ensure product quality and effectively avoid customer complaints, product recall and reputation damage.

What can Techik detect?

The condensed milk before storage 

Liquid products before molding 

Mature cheese before cutting or grinding 

Butter before pressing 

Packaged yogurt, milk, cream, quark cheese, cream cheese, etc

Over ten years, Techik has accumulated useful experience in production line of bottled milk, canned milk powder, Tetra Pak milk and various cheese. Most of Techik customers are world famous brand with long history.

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