Color Sorter

Color Sorter

The Optic Sorting System is a device for automatically sorting out the defective material by using the optoelectronic detecting technology according to the difference of the optical characteristics of the materials.

Depending on the types of sensors used and the software-driven intelligence of the image processing system, Optic sorters can recognize objects' color, size and shape and are able to compare objects to user-defined accept/reject criteria to identify and remove defective products and foreign material (FM) from the production line, or to separate product of different grades or types of materials.

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Main Advantages
Color Sorter
Intelligent Setting
Autonomous calculation, intelligent identification and intelligent sorting according to the sorting rules. Free choice, self-definition of the color, shape, size, and defect area of the material, one-key intelligent automatic control technology, automatic judgement and accurate matching with optimal sorting plan.
Automatic Correction
Real-time dynamic image calibration, which greatly improves machine stability and anti-interference performance.
Smart Cloud Control
Real-time remote control, operation and maintenance, software upgrades, diagnosis and resolution of light source, electric, machinery and proofreading problems, online product operation monitoring, data collection, online guidance. Maximizing the product application value for customers, and sharing the convenience and commercial value of big data era.
Shape/Size Sorting
Multi-dimensional coordinate algorithm, intelligently identifying the subtle shape differences of materials, easily classifying materials of different shape categories such as size, length, fineness, round square, single and double, enabling simultaneous sorting on color and shape, and the finely divided materials, perfectly realizing the maximum value of quality selection.
Color Sorter

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