Rice Color Sorter

Rice Color Sorter

Rice color sorter machine is a device for automatically sorting out the defective material in various rice by using the optoelectronic detecting technology according to the difference of the optical characteristics of the materials.

Features of Techik rice color sorters:

1. Equipped with a high-definition 5400 pixel full-color sensor, high-definition snapshot function, perfect restoration of the true color of the material, 8 times magnification of photos, ultra-high-speed linear scanning speed, improvement of the ability to accurately identify little defects.

2. The intelligent multiple-type easy-sorting algorithm system enhances parallel analysis and processing capabilities, with one-key setting of sorting modes, which can realize multiple color independent sorting, positive sorting, reverse sorting, multiple sorting, etc., so eventually achieving the durable and stable sorting with more prominent effect.

3. High-brightness LED cold light source, shadowless lighting, to ensure stable and durable lighting environment.

4. Transparent, plastic and non-metallic particles and particles of different colors, sizes, shapes and even physical properties can be sorted. Infrared sensor has been widely used in color sorting when there is material overlap. After effective perspective, the culled object can be efficiently sorted.

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Rice Color Sorter
Intelligent Algorithm

No manual intervention, deep self-learning

Intelligent recognition of subtle differences

Fast realization of simple operation mode

Friendly interactive interface

Self-developed rice operating software

Preset multiple schemes, choose the best to use immediately 

The default boot guide, the interface is simple and easy  to understand

Human-computer interaction is simple and efficient

Rice Color Sorter
Shortwave Infrared InGaAs Camera
Using indium gallium arsenide (InGaAs) material, it has the advantages of high sensitivity and high  resolution, and can accurately identify glass, desiccant, plastic, side by side stone and other  malignant impurities. Dual infrared cameras can detect other more complex foreign materials.
NIR Camera
Near-infrared has the advantages of high sensitivity and high contrast, and can identify most bands  of stone minerals, metal, glass, plastic particles and other malignant impurities.
Full Color CCD Camera
Using 5400 pixel full-color sensor, high-definition recognition and reduction of the subtle color  difference of the material, it can effectively sort the different colors of rice, such as whole  white, core white, belly white, milky white, light yellow, back line rice, black gray, etc.. Thanks  to algorithm setting, it is possible to distinguish particles of size, shape, and even different  physical characteristics.

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