Intelligent Vegetable X-ray Inspection System

Intelligent Vegetable X-ray Inspection System

Techik Intelligent Vegetable X-ray Inspection System is the updated version of its Vegetable X-ray Inspection System. The new version is equipped with the artificial intelligence visual detection algorithm, which can identify the foreign bodies we want to find in the images, by summarizing the internal features of various kinds of foreign body images. Thus, customers will get a self-learning machine that can meet your specific needs.

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Introduction of Intelligent Vegetable X-ray Inspection System

According to customers’ specific definition of unqualified products and foreign body, Techik Intelligent Vegetable X-ray Inspection System, with the most advanced industrial vision and artificial intelligence technology, can identify, position and reject the defined products. 

Performance of Intelligent Vegetable X-ray Inspection System

1.The output will be increased about 20%, compared with the traditional machine

2.Over 30 kinds of defects can be identified and rejected. Customization is available according to customers’ needs

3.Carryout rate is about 50% lower than traditional X-ray inspection machine

4.Product damage rate is low to negligible

5.Intelligent software can be updated 

Features of Intelligent Vegetable X-ray Inspection System

1.Mechanical Part:

The mechanical structure is made of 304 stainless steel, and other contact parts of belt and material are made of food grade material to ensure food safety

2.Intelligent detection system

The color image acquisition system is used to accurately identify the tiny defects and spots of the raw material, and the high-precision lens ensures the clear and accurate image

3.Equipment cleaning

Add dust cleaning and collection device on the outer surface of the belt; the camera lens shall increase the overall glass protection and adopt negative pressure protection to reduce lens pollution and facilitate cleaning 

4.Heat dissipation device

Install the cabinet air conditioning at the intelligent detection system and the control cabinet to extend the service life of the equipment 

5.Human-computer interaction

Adopt the touch display screen for easy operation; combining with the carefully designed man-machine interface, it greatly simplifies the machine debugging and use complexity, ensures the simple operation, and makes the machine easy to learn and use.

6.Sorting agency

The adoption of high quality solenoid valve, featured with high frequency, low gas consumption and long life, ensures the machine of high yield, low take-out, low failure, low energy consumption

7.Statistics and traceability

Real-time display and storage of pictures of defective products; data statistics function can be used to classify statistics,  which is convenient to query;  alarm of the upper limit of defective product quantity can be set.

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