Color Sorter Platform

Color Sorter Platform

Color Sorter Platform Features

1 Auto learning
Automatic modeling, matching the optimal classification method, simple operation, providing customers with the best and most economical sorting solution

2 Automatic correction
Through real-time dynamic image calibration, the stability and anti-interference performance of the machine can be greatly improved

3  Parameter setting
The color sorter can automatically calculate, intelligently identify and sort materials according to the sorting rule. Users can freely select and define the color, shape, size and defect area of materials, and automatically judge and accurately match the optimal sorting scheme through intelligent automatic control technology.

4 Intelligent Cloud Control
Users can remote control, operate and maintain, software upgrade, diagnose and solve the problems of light source and electrical and mechanical calibration, online detection of product operation, data collection, online guidance, etc. Thus, creating product application value for customers to the maximum extent.

5 Sorting of shape and size
Through multi-dimensional coordinate algorithm, the color sorter can intelligently identify the subtle shape differences of materials, so as to classify materials of different shape categories such as size, length, precision, square, single and double.

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Main Advantages
Color Sorter
Intelligent Setting

1. Intelligent setting: simple setting, completed within 5 minutes

2. Intelligent algorithm, with accurate and stable effect

3. DIY your own selection classification, done by one click

4. 180 rotating operation display, flexible operation in different positions

Hardware Advantage

1. High-definition 5400 pixel full-color sensor

2. High-brightness LED cold light source

3. High-frequency solenoid valve, intelligent algorithm tracking, precise rejection

4. Customized belt, stable conveying, no bullets, and anti-breaking

Software Advantage

1. Intelligent monitoring of background data, remote setting & bug locking

2.  Data visualization, storage integration, and one-click replacement of popular programs

3. Big data, cloud storage, free download

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Chute Color Sorter

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