Intelligent Belt Type Color Sorter

Intelligent Belt Type Color Sorter

The Optic Sorting System is a device for automatically sorting out the defective material by using the optoelectronic detecting technology according to the difference of the optical characteristics of the materials.

Intelligent Belt Type Color Sorter Features:

1. Equipped with a high-definition 5400 pixel full-color sensor, high-definition snapshot function, perfect restoration of the true color of the material, 8 times magnification of photos, ultra-high-speed linear scanning speed, improvement of the ability to accurately identify little defects.

2. The intelligent multiple-type easy-sorting algorithm system enhances parallel analysis and processing capabilities, with one-key setting of sorting modes, which can realize multiple color independent sorting, positive sorting, reverse sorting, multiple sorting, etc., so eventually achieving the durable and stable sorting with more prominent effect.

3. High-brightness LED cold light source, shadowless lighting, to ensure stable and durable lighting environment.

4. Efficient and stable transmission system, convenient for belt replacement, good for protecting fragile materials, with wide range of use and high net selection rate.

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Main Advantages
Intelligent Belt Type Color Sorter
Intelligent Setting

1. Intelligent setting: simple setting, completed within 5 minutes

2. Intelligent algorithm, with accurate and stable effect

3. DIY your own selection classification, done by one click

4. 180 rotating operation display, flexible operation in different positions

Hardware Advantage

1. High-definition 5400 pixel full-color sensor

2. High-brightness LED cold light source

3. High-frequency solenoid valve, intelligent algorithm tracking, precise rejection

4. Customized belt, stable conveying, no bullets, and anti-breaking

Software Advantage

1. Intelligent monitoring of background data, remote setting & bug locking

2.  Data visualization, storage integration, and one-click replacement of popular programs

3. Big data, cloud storage, free download

Intelligent Belt Type Color Sorter

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