Shanghai Techik Exhibits High Performance Food Inspection Equipment in 2021 Shanxi Huairen Lamb Meat Trading Conference

September 14, 2021

From 6 September to 8 September, with the theme of "openness, cooperation, co-construction, and win-win", the 2021 Shanxi Huairen Lamb Meat Trade Conference was grandly held at the Huairen Special Agricultural Products Exhibition Center.

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2021 Lamb Meat Trade Conference involves the entire industry chain of sheep feed planting, lamb breeding, processing, and sales. It not only enriches lamb meat products, but also shows the audience the achievements of intelligent breeding and mechanization. During the exhibition, Shanghai Techik has provided mutton sorting and inspection solutions for the audience at booth B71 in Hall B.

Because of advantages of advanced hygienic structure, modular machine design, new generation high-definition imaging technology, new generation "Smart Vision Supercomputing" intelligent algorithm, Shanghai Techik brought its blockbuster intelligent X-ray foreign body inspection system to the exhibition, which gained the exhibition audience’s attention with its features such as high-precision detection and scientific and technological design.

In order to ensure food safety, it is necessary to detect foreign bodies in the process of lamb processing. In addition to detecting physical contaminants, the meat industry is also very concerned about the detection of residual bones. Techik X-ray inspection machine can detect foreign objects such as hard residual bones, broken needles, metal tags, metal wires, metal glove scraps, glass, etc. for all kinds of mutton products. Intelligent algorithms can also automatically distinguish the difference between product components and foreign objects. , avoid false alarms and get high detection accuracy. Moreover, Techik metal detector and checkweigher can also meet the needs of different mutton production lines.

For Techik smart X-ray systems, bone-in or boneless lamb, such as lamb chops, lamb scorpions, lamb rolls, lamb balls, etc., can be inspected. For metal detectors, dry or wet lamb products, such as cold meat, frozen meat and deep-processed meat products can be detected, and the detection effect of small pieces of mutton will be better.

In order to demonstrate the inspection effect of the equipment, Techik professionals brought the popular sheep scorpion and standard test blocks to test on the spot. In the sheep scorpion with complex composition, the extremely fine stainless steel wire is clearly visible by Techik inspection machines.

[Left: Sheep scorpion. Right: Inspection diagram of fine stainless steel wire test block]

In addition to high-precision inspection, diversified auxiliary functions, high-protection and sanitary design, stable transmission system, and high-efficiency rejection system also help Techik inspection equipment to become an expert in meat product inspection.

Intelligent X-ray Inspection System ---  High-speed HD TXR-G series

High-precision; All-round detection; Strong stability

Intelligent X-ray Inspection System --- Smart TXR-S1 series

Low cost; Low energy consumption; Small size

Metal Detector --- High-precision IMD series

High sensitivity; Dual frequency detection; Simple operation

Checkweigher --- Standard IXL series

High precision; High stability; Simple operation

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