Techik Intelligent X-ray Inspection System Helps Meat Industry Effectively Find out and Reject Needles

September 09, 2021

With the insight into the risks of foreign bodies in all aspects of meat processing, integrating X-ray, TDI, intelligent algorithm and other cutting-edge technologies, Shanghai Techik provides customized inspection solutions for meat products such as carcass meat, boxed meat, bagged meat, raw fresh meat and deep-processed meat, to help meat companies build stronger safe defense and produce assured meat products.

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In recent years, the "Needles in the Meat" news has attracted widespread attention. If meat products containing broken needles enter the market, it will probably cause serious harm to consumers health, as well as pose adverse impacts on company image. Worst of all, high-value claims may occur.

In animal husbandry, it is really difficult to find out the accidentally broken needle remaining in the animal after the animal receives the vaccination. In the process of meat segmentation and processing, the debris generated by the anti-cut gloves, cutting knives and other equipment may also be mixed into the meat products, causing hidden dangers to meat food safety.

Differentiated features of Techik intelligent X-ray machine 

X-ray foreign body detection equipment is widely used in the field of food inspection due to the real-time and intuitive detection images and the realization of online detection.

Techik Intelligent X-ray foreign body inspection machine has created a differentiated advantage which is featured as intelligence, high precision, multi-function and high protection. The foreign body inspection expert, characteristic with "the more you learn, the smarter you are", can avoid the unsatisfactory meat inspection precision and help cut down high cost of manual assistance.

High-precision comprehensive inspection

Techik intelligent X-ray inspection system can conduct comprehensive inspection of hard residual bones, metal and non-metal foreign bodies in all kinds of packaged and bulk meat products, which can effectively detect small malignant impurities such as thin steel wires, broken needles, knife-tip fragments, anti-cut gloves fragments and plastic flakes, as well as can identify stainless steel wires with a diameter of 0.2mm.

【Packed meat inspection, the far right is a steel wire with a diameter of 0.2mm】

【25Kg boxed split meat detection, with needle of 1.5mm length detected】

Self growing smart algorithms

"Smart Vision Supercomputing" intelligent algorithm enables the Techik intelligent X-ray inspection machine to produce high-definition images and own deep self-learning function, which not only greatly improves the accuracy of meat foreign body detection, but detection effect can also be further as the amount of detection data increases.

Diversified auxiliary functions

Techik intelligent X-ray foreign body inspection machine can also carry out the weight and quantity inspection of meat products, which is highly practical and cost-effective.

High protection and hygiene level

Techik intelligent X-ray inspection system advantages including sloped design, no sanitary dead corners, no condensation of water droplets, quick release and waterproof functions can eliminate the hidden dangers of bacteria breeding in equipment and secondary pollution of meat products.

Multiple rejection solutions

For sticky meat products with heavy fat and large volume, Techik X-ray foreign body inspection machine can be equipped with a variety of fast rejection systems such as flipper, pusher, heavy pusher, two-way pusher etc., which can meet the diversified needs of meat production lines.

Adaptive to harsh environments

Techik X-ray foreign body inspection system can adapt to the working environment from -10℃ to 40℃. The "hard-working, stable and reliable" machine then can be used in different application scenarios.

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