Techik Peanut Food X ray Inspection Equipment and Peanut Optical Sorting Equipment

Techik Peanut Food X ray Inspection Equipment and Peanut Optical Sorting Equipment

Techik Peanut Food X ray Inspection Equipment

Techik Peanut Food X ray Inspection Equipment is an automated machine that utilizes advanced optical sorting technology to separate peanuts based on their color. Here's what a Techik Peanut Food X ray Inspection Equipment can do:

Defect detection: Techik Peanut Food X ray Inspection Equipment can identify and remove peanuts with discolored, damaged, or diseased surfaces. It can detect variations in color caused by mold, stains, or other defects.

Foreign object removal: Techik Peanut Food X ray Inspection Equipment can detect and eliminate foreign objects such as stones, shells, or other debris that may have mixed in with the peanuts during harvesting or processing.

Size sorting: Techik Peanut Food X ray Inspection Equipment can also sort peanuts based on their size, ensuring uniformity in the sorted batches. This feature can be useful for packaging or further processing purposes.

Techik Peanut Optical Sorting Equipment

Techik Peanut Optical Sorting Equipment utilizes X-ray technology to detect internal defects or foreign materials. Here's what Techik Peanut Optical Sorting Equipment can do:

Contaminant detection: Techik Peanut Optical Sorting Equipment can identify foreign objects within peanuts, even those that may be hidden internally. This includes metal fragments, stones, glass, or other contaminants that may pose a safety risk or affect product quality.

Internal defect detection: Techik Peanut Optical Sorting Equipment can detect internal defects such as mold, undeveloped kernels, or other abnormalities that may not be visible from the outside. This helps ensure that only high-quality peanuts are included in the final sorted batches.


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X-ray Inspection System for Precise Quality Control

Our X-ray inspection system utilizes advanced imaging technology to accurately detect foreign objects, defects, and contaminants in peanuts. With exceptional precision, it can identify even the smallest impurities, including metal fragments, stones, and even plastic particles. By incorporating this system into your production line, you can ensure the removal of substandard or potentially harmful peanuts, guaranteeing the safety of your final product.

Key Features of our X-ray Inspection System

High-Speed Scanning: Our system can handle large volumes of peanuts, inspecting them at high speeds without compromising accuracy.

Multi-Stage Detection: It performs multiple stages of inspection, analyzing the shape, size, and density of each peanut to identify any anomalies.

Intelligent Rejection System: Any identified defective peanuts are automatically rejected from the production line, maintaining the overall quality of your product.

Peanut Optical Sorting Machine for Superior Sorting Efficiency

Complementing our X-ray inspection system, our peanut optical sorting machine provides a comprehensive solution for efficient sorting based on various quality parameters. Using advanced optical sensors, it rapidly analyzes peanuts and separates them based on color, size, shape, and other customizable criteria. This sorting process ensures consistency, uniformity, and optimal quality of your peanuts, meeting the specific requirements of your customers.

Key Features of our Peanut Optical Sorting Machine

High-Speed Sorting: Our machine can handle large quantities of peanuts per hour, ensuring efficient processing and maximizing productivity.

Customizable Sorting Criteria: You can tailor the sorting parameters to meet your specific needs, allowing flexibility and adaptability for different peanut varieties or market demands.

Non-Destructive Handling: Our machine utilizes gentle handling techniques to minimize damage to the peanuts, preserving their integrity and appearance.

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