Techik showcased baking industry full link inspection and sorting solutions in Bakery China 2022

September 20, 2022
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On September 19-22,2022, the 24th Bakery China was grandly held in Shanghai Hongqiao National Convention and Exhibition Center!


Techik (booth no: 81D51) brought intelligent combo X-ray visual inspection machine, intelligent X-ray foreign body inspection machine (hereinafter referred to as: X-ray inspection machine), metal detection machine (hereinafter referred to as: metal detector), weight selection machine (hereinafter referred to as: checkweigher), and color sorter to the exhibition. Techik inspection and sorting equipment and full link solutions are suitable for bread, cake, biscuits and other baked food, helping solve foreign body detection, packaging detection and raw material sorting.


From grain to flour, from dough to baking molding, from traditional baking to frozen cakes and other prefabricated baked products, the baking industry has a long industrial chain and a large market capacity.


Product quality and production line upgrading is what the baking industry insists on.


The intelligent HD combo X-ray visual inspection machine and X-ray inspection machine for oil leakage and material clamp on Techik booth can help baking enterprises solve various problems such as foreign material defects, raw material defects and oil leakage clamp in raw material and finished products


Based on technologies of X-ray, visible light, infrared and AI, HD combo X-ray visual inspection machine, which is suitable for grain, nuts, seed kernel and other bulk materials, can identify the appearance, internal shape and other characteristics, so that the machine can effectively sort out unqualified raw materials and foreign materials.


The X-ray inspection machine for oil leakage and material clamp can not only detect subtle foreign bodies, but also increase function of sealing oil leakage inspection and sealing clamp inspection. In addition, it can also realize visual detection function (such as: sealing fold, skewing sealing, dirty oil stains), so as to solve the quality problems of finished products in various aspects.


X-ray inspection equipment

The intelligent X-ray inspection machine is suitable for the detection of packaging baking products, which can conduct multi-directional detection of foreign body (such as metal, glass, ceramics), missing, weight, etc. It can be equipped with dual-energy detector, which can identify foreign material through material difference and effectively solve the detection problem of low-density foreign body and thin sheet foreign body.


Color sorter

The chute compact color sorter and chute mini color sorter on the booth are suitable for the sorting of raw materials / accessories of baking products such as rice, wheat and coffee beans. The small body is equipped with 5400 pixel full color sensor and intelligent selection algorithm, which is more flexible.


Metal detector

Flour is a large kind of raw materials in the baking industry. Techik gravity fall metal detector is suitable for metal foreign body detection of powdered materials such as flour and other powder materials. The metal-free area is reduced by about 60% compared with that of ordinary models, which is more anti-interference and easier to install.


The main features of the standard metal detector are two-way detection and high-and-low-frequency switching functions, which help to solve the problem of great difficulty in detecting the composition difference of baked food.


Deoxidizer can be used in baking food to prevent food mildew. The standard deoxidizer inspection machine mainly detects the leakage of deoxidizer, and checks the unqualified products without placing deoxidizer.



Techik standard checkweigher is suitable for small and medium-sized packaging of baking products, which can realize high-speed dynamic weight detection and avoid the problem of weight non-compliance.

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