Techik waits you in China International Meat Industry Exhibition on November 17-19

November 03, 2022

Techik Instrument (booth 35055, Hall S5) will showcase intelligent X-ray foreign body inspection machine (abbreviation: X-ray inspection machine), metal detector and checkweigher during the exhibition.

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On November 17-19, 2022, China International Meat Industry Exhibition (Meat Industry Exhibition) will be grandly opened in Qingdao World Expo City!

The Meat Industry Exhibition is a professional platform for Chinese and foreign meat enterprises to exchange industry trends and conduct trade. The exhibition covers the whole meat food industry chain, such as meat food processing, machinery and equipment, food packaging and processing technology.

Techik Instrument (booth 35055, Hall S5) will showcase intelligent X-ray foreign body inspection machine (abbreviation: X-ray inspection machine), metal detector and checkweigher during the exhibition.

From segmented meat, meat slices, diced meat to cooked meat products, the quality challenge of meat products includes endogenous foreign bodies, malignant impurities, poor fat and thin ratio, etc. With years of technical accumulation and industry experience, Techik can provide inspection and sorting equipment and solutions for the meat industry, from raw materials to packaging.

Inspection of meat with bone / without bone: As long as meat products have contact with the outside world, it is possible to mix with metal, glass and other foreign bodies, so that different specifications of meat with bone / without bone are necessary to detect foreign bodies. From large meat with bone to diced meat and meat slices, from bulk to the box, Techik intelligent X-ray inspection machine can detect its foreign body, shape, weight and other aspects.

Inspection of chicken bone: As the density of chicken bone is low, its X-rays absorption will be low. Thus, chicken is more difficult to be detected than high-density substances. Techik X-ray inspection machine for bone fragment can not only detect foreign matters including metal and glass, but also can quickly detect low-density chicken bone, such as chicken collarbone, sternum and shoulder blade, which helps enterprises to avoid the food safety risks brought by residual bones.

Inspection of deeply processed meat products: If the sealing of package leaks, it is more likely to cause rapid food deterioration of deep processed meat products (example: prefabricated meat dishes). Techik x-ray inspection system for sealing, stuffing and leakage has increased the function of sealing oil leakage and sealing stuffing, which is not limited by packaging materials. That is, all kinds of packaging (example: aluminum foil, aluminum plated film, plastic film, etc.) can be detected by Techik x-ray inspection system for sealing, stuffing and leakage.

Inspection of fat content: For the fat content detection needs of minced meat, meatballs, meat cakes and etc, intelligent X-ray inspection machine, based on the dual-energy detector and a new software developed for the meat industry, can detect the fat content, foreign body and other aspects of meat.

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