Dehydrated Vegetables and Fruits Color Sorter

Dehydrated Vegetables and Fruits Color Sorter

The above video is Techik dehydrated vegetables and fruits color sorter sorting dehydrated chopped scallions. Chopped scallions can vary in color, and a color sorter can accurately sort them based on their color. This ensures that only scallions with the desired fresh, vibrant green color are included in the final product, while discolored or deteriorating scallions are separated and rejected.  

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Techik Dehydrated Vegetables and Fruits Color Sorter Introduction

Techik Dehydrated Vegetables and Fruits Color Sorter is widely used for the sorting and quality control of dehydrated or dried fruits and vegetables. This advanced technology leverages color recognition and sorting mechanisms to efficiently separate products based on their color, ensuring uniformity, quality, and compliance with industry standards.

Techik Dehydrated Vegetables and Fruits Color Sorter Features

High-Speed Sorting: Dehydrated vegetables and fruits color sorters are equipped with high-speed cameras and advanced image processing algorithms, allowing them to sort products at impressive speeds, typically ranging from several hundred to thousands of kilograms per hour.


Precise Color Recognition: These machines are capable of accurately distinguishing between different shades and colors of dehydrated products, ensuring that only items meeting the desired color criteria are accepted, while defective or discolored items are rejected.


User-Friendly Interface: Most color sorters come with user-friendly interfaces that enable operators to easily adjust sorting parameters, monitor the sorting process in real-time, and make necessary adjustments as needed.


Multiple Sorting Modes: Dehydrated vegetable and fruit color sorters offer various sorting modes, such as single-color sorting, multi-color sorting, and shape-based sorting, allowing for flexibility in handling different types of products.


High Sorting Accuracy: These machines can achieve a high level of accuracy in sorting, minimizing false positives and false negatives, which ensures consistent product quality.


Food Safety Compliance: They are typically constructed with food-grade materials and adhere to hygiene and safety standards, ensuring that the sorted products remain safe for consumption.

Techik Dehydrated Vegetables and Fruits Color Sorter Application

Dehydrated vegetables and fruits color sorters find applications in various industries, including:


Food Processing: These machines are widely used in the food processing industry to sort dehydrated fruits and vegetables like dried mangoes, apples, tomatoes, and more. They ensure that only high-quality, visually appealing products reach consumers.


Snack Manufacturing: Dehydrated vegetable and fruit snacks are popular, and color sorters play a crucial role in ensuring the consistency and attractiveness of these snacks.


Export and Packaging: For companies involved in exporting dehydrated products, color sorters help meet stringent quality requirements and maintain product uniformity, enhancing market competitiveness.


Quality Control: In research and development or quality control laboratories, these sorters are used to analyze the color characteristics of dehydrated products and assess their quality.


Nutritional Supplements: In the production of dietary supplements, color sorters are used to ensure that only products meeting specific color and quality standards are used in formulations.


Techik color sorter can be used for various raw materials and can be matched with different production lines. Tell us about your product and Techik will design the most suitable inspection and sorting solution.

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