Low-Energy Consumption, Techik Smart X-Ray Machine Helps Food Enterprises to Remove Contaminants

July 07, 2022

X-ray foreign body detection machine (hereinafter referred to as: X-ray Inspection Machine) has been gradually applied in the food industry since the 1970s. Because of X-ray penetration ability, it can detect contaminants, including metal, glass, ceramics, stones, etc., and its detection ability is not affected by salt, moisture, temperature, metal film packaging, and other factors.

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When choosing foreign-body detection equipment, food enterprises not only pay attention to the key indicators of detection accuracy and stability, but other factors which include the operation and maintenance cost, installation space, and other comprehensive considerations are also important for selecting the detector suppliers. Aiming to solve practical application problems, research, and development of Techik new generation of smart X-ray food contaminants inspection continue the advantages of low energy consumption, compact design features, and in the structure design, hardware configuration has new breakthroughs, running faster, clean maintenance easier, and lower operational cost.

Techik’s X-ray machines for food processing inspection are widely used for foreign body contamination detection for metal, stone, glass, plastics, bone, or rubber. The X-ray inspection machine can be used in meat, chicken, beef, seafood, frozen fruit and vegetable, and agricultural products.

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