Online Scale Check Weigher System

Online Scale Check Weigher System

Techik Online Scale Check Weigher System can mainly be used for weighing product, keeping the product in standard weight. The Online Scale Check Weigher System can be used for products in different state and in various package. 

The video was shot in one of the biggest Chinese hot pot chain. The hot pot giant utilizes the Online Scale Check Weigher System to check the weight of products in the big box. Users can set up the weight the production line need, then the feeder will stop at the fixed weight. Techik can tailor your checkweigher to meet every client’s needs.

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Application of Online Scale Check Weigher System

The checkweigher is suitable for packaged products (boxed, bottled, and etc.), in order to improve working efficiency and keep the consistent quality.


The online scale checkweigher equipment is widely used in various food industries, such as bakery, dairy product, nuts and etc.

Features of Online Scale Check Weigher System

1. High sensitivity, high stability

2. Touch screen, easy to operate

3. Data storage, easy to record

4. Optional rejecter, suitable for products in various state

5. High IP protection, durable and easy to clean

6. Remote control

7. USB port, Ethernet function

Online Scale Check Weigher System Types

1. Checkweigher for Small Packages

2. Checkweigher for Large Packages

3. High-speed Checkweigher

4. Multi-sorting Checkweigher

5. Multi-tray Weight Sorting Machine

6. Combo Metal Detector and Checkweigher

Why Techik?

1. The strong R&D ability enables Techik to tailor-make the most suitable equipment according to your product and production line;

2. Quick response and quick delivery;

3. 14-year experience in inspection and sorting industry.

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