Techik Launches Contaminants Inspection for Carcass Meat

September 09, 2021

In order to achieve the goal of reducing supply chain costs, the meat industry has a widespread demand for foreign body detection of carcass meat. Carcass meat is large in size, complex in bone and flesh composition, which means carcass meat foreign body inspection will cause high manual costs. In a result, high-efficiency and intelligent carcass meat detection equipment are the meat industry' s urgent needs.

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Relying on its deep technical strength, Shanghai Techik promotes research and development and takes the lead in developing carcass meat inspection projects, solving meat industry long-existing problems.

【Schematic diagram of Techik X-ray inspection system for carcass meat】

Unique perspective design

The targeted dual-view design can scan and image the hook-driven carcass meat from two perspectives, and obtain X-ray pictures from different angles at the same time, which effectively solves the visual deviation of single-view imaging, and also avoid the difficulty of reading pictures caused by carcass meat shaking and different imaging angles, so greatly improving the accuracy of detecting foreign objects.

【Dual-view design】

High-speed HD TDI technology

The high-speed high-definition TDI technology detector enables the exposure to reach 8 times the effect of ordinary linear array detectors, and the obtained X-ray imaging images are high-definition and orderly in light and dark, with a sense of layering, which effectively improves the accuracy and speed of foreign object recognition.

【The picture comes from the Internet】

Intelligent algorithm

The different shapes of the bones in carcass meat, the similar imaging of fine bones and broken needles, and the obstruction of foreign objects will cause great interference to the traditional detection algorithm, and cause the phenomenon of missed detection or false alarm, and the detection accuracy is not ideal.

The "Smart Vision Supercomputing" intelligent algorithm independently developed by Shanghai Techik can conduct in-depth self-learning of foreign objects such as broken needles, quickly access various features of foreign objects, distinguish the difference between bones and foreign objects in carcass meat, and have strong anti-interference ability. It can quickly adapt to complex scenes, and realize all-round, high-precision, high-speed foreign body detection of carcass meat.

【Needle detected by Techik X-ray inspection system for carcass meat】

High-level protection solution

Techik X-ray inspection system for carcass meat specially designs a high-quality protective board combined with a multi-level protection solution for flexible protective materials. It adopts a high-level waterproof design and anti-fouling design, which can be adapted to water washing to ensure safe and hygienic use.

Meat culture in the world has a long history. Meat products are widely loved, and the safety of meat products is highly concerned by the planet. Shanghai Techik is committed to the research and development of spectroscopic online detection technology and products, helping the intelligent detection of meat products from breeding to the table.

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