Revolutionizing Meat Quality Assurance Through Smart Technologies

September 20, 2023

Techik's groundbreaking "All IN ONE" finished product inspection solution streamlines foreign material detection, packaging integrity, code character inspection, and weight consistency in a singular, seamless process.

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In the dynamic landscape of the meat processing industry, a profound shift is underway. The relentless pursuit of uncompromising meat product quality and safety has reached a pivotal juncture. At every stage of meat production, from initial processing to deep processing and final packaging, unique challenges and opportunities emerge.


Amid a backdrop of traditional manufacturing's optimization and modernization, smart technology emerges as the linchpin for attaining superior product quality and inspection efficiency. Techik, responding to diverse inspection demands across the entire meat industry value chain, leverages multi-spectral, multi-energy spectrum, and multi-sensor technologies to craft highly specialized and efficient inspection solutions for enterprises.


I. Reimagining Meat Quality Control:

A. Initial Meat Processing Solutions:

The realm of initial meat processing encompasses activities such as segmenting, cutting, deboning, and trimming, resulting in products like bone-in meat, segmented cuts, meat slices, and minced meat. Techik steps up to address inspection needs during breeding and segmentation processes, focusing on foreign materials, residual bone fragments post-deboning, and precise analysis of fat content and weight grading in minced meat. To cater to these demands, the company deploys intelligent X-ray inspection systems, metal detectors, and weight sorting devices to provide tailor-made inspection solutions.


Detection of Foreign Materials: Initial meat processing presents challenges for foreign material detection due to irregular surfaces, varying densities, material stacks, and low-density foreign materials. Techik's dual-energy intelligent X-ray machines excel at identifying low-density foreign materials such as glass shards, PVC plastics, and thin fragments. These capabilities extend across bone-in meat, segmented cuts, meat slices, and diced meat, even in scenarios involving material stacking and uneven surfaces.


Detection of Bone Fragments: Post-deboning, meat products often retain low-density bone fragments, challenging traditional single-energy X-ray machines. Techik's dual-energy intelligent inspection X-ray machine offers heightened sensitivity and detection rates, effectively scanning meat products post-cooking, baking, or frying.


Precise Fat Content Analysis: Real-time fat content analysis in segmented and minced meat aids in accurate grading and pricing. Techik's dual-energy intelligent X-ray inspection machine extends its utility for rapid, high-precision fat content analysis in meat products like poultry and livestock.


Weight Grading: Techik's multi-level weight sorting machine facilitates online weight detection and grading, accommodating up to 12 weight categories for products like chicken legs and wings.


B. Deep Meat Processing Solutions:

Deep meat processing encompasses shaping, marination, frying, baking, and cooking, yielding products like marinated meat, roasted dishes, steaks, and chicken nuggets. Techik meets the challenges of foreign materials, bone fragments, hair, defects, and fat content analysis during deep meat processing, employing dual-energy intelligent X-ray machines and intelligent visual sorting systems.


Detection of Foreign Materials: Even in deep meat processing, the risk of foreign material contamination persists. Techik's dual-energy intelligent X-ray inspection machine ensures meticulous foreign material detection in products like meat patties and marinated meat.


Detection of Bone Fragments: Detecting bone fragments in deep-processed meat products before packaging is essential. Techik's dual-energy intelligent X-ray inspection machine offers heightened sensitivity and detection rates, minimizing food safety risks.


Detection of Appearance Defects: Techik's intelligent visual sorting system promptly identifies and rejects products with appearance defects, maintaining quality standards.


Detection of Hair: Techik's ultra-high-definition belt-type intelligent visual sorting machine automates the meticulous removal of minor foreign materials like hair, feathers, and paper scraps.


Fat Content Analysis: Techik's dual-energy intelligent X-ray machine extends its functionality for online fat content analysis in products like meat patties, meatballs, ham sausages, and hamburgers.


C. Packaged Meat Product Solutions:

Packaging meat products includes various formats like pouches, boxes, and cartons. Techik extends its solutions to address concerns related to foreign materials, inadequate sealing, packaging defects, and weight inconsistencies in packaged meat products.


Detection of Low-Density & Minor Foreign Materials: Techik offers inspection equipment, including dual-energy intelligent X-ray inspection machines, resolving challenges associated with detecting low-density and minor foreign materials in meat products.


Sealing Inspection: Techik's X-ray inspection system for sealing, stuffing and leakage detects sealing anomalies in products like marinated chicken feet and marinated meat packages, accommodating various packaging materials.


Weight Sorting: Techik's weight sorting machine facilitates compliance with weight regulations in different packaging types.


II. All IN ONE Finished Product Inspection Solution:


Techik's groundbreaking "All IN ONE" finished product inspection solution streamlines foreign material detection, packaging integrity, code character inspection, and weight consistency in a singular, seamless process.


In conclusion, Techik pioneers a transformative approach to meat quality and safety, offering comprehensive intelligent technologies and equipment. By addressing nuances across initial processing, deep processing, and packaged products, Techik empowers businesses to elevate product quality and efficiency, ensuring consumers enjoy the highest standards of quality and safety in meat products.

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