Talent cultivation in Techik foreign trade department

December 08, 2022
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Introduction of Techik Foreign Trade Department: Develop the international market and carry out the foreign trade business of the company; be responsible for contacting customers, participating in business negotiation, contract signing, and customs declaration, etc

Slogan of Techik Foreign Trade Department: unity, enthusiasm, efficiency and innovation

Talent training of Techik Foreign Trade Department:

Talent training is the key to build the core competitiveness and the strategic fortress for the long-term development of enterprises.

The purpose of enterprise talent training is to cultivate as many talents who serve the enterprise wholeheartedly and the talents who strictly implement and dare to take responsibility in the work.

The cultivation of talents is neither the cultivation of managers or a few excellent employees, nor the arrangement of a few training sessions. Enterprises need to build a set of talent training system.

Every employee, while choosing an enterprise, choosing a position, is with expectations. Most people want to make a difference in their positions.

Department managers play a vital role in the talent training of the department, and the department managers need to turn their methodology into their own methodology, which is the so-called empowerment.

Newbie to the job who comes into getting a very good training and guidance, can quickly shine. It is easier to achieve the team goals if all members in it are equipped with professional knowledge and excellent capability.

Organization Development of Techik Foreign Trade Department:

Organizational development focuses on the organization, mainly to help the management to integrate the internal system of the organization, and to provide a guarantee for the realization of the lofty external goals of the organization.

The cultivation of talents does not completely rely on the development of individual ability, but also needs the improvement of organizational ability.

Whether the support strategy can be achieved with lower cost, faster speed and higher quality is an important basis to measure whether the organizational capacity of enterprises is effective. To build a talent training system and build organizational capabilities, enterprises should combine the key parts of corporate strategy and business.

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